Rise Above Addiction

A True Story
Rise Above Addiction - Photo by Emre Gencer, Unsplash

As a young one, most people would meet me and then decide that I was either just shy, or cold and mean. I guess they didn’t want to understand that I simply take my time and prefer to socialize one-on-one, rather than in a group. I really just want to give someone my full attention, and be able to actively listen. Well, I guess that instant judgment of my personality wore down my self-confidence over time.

I quickly learned that drinking alcohol relaxed my naturally cautious nature, and it allowed me to be open and spontaneous around strangers. Having a buzz also magically removed all of my self-doubt, and I started portraying this weird chatty Cathy personality. Sadly, I always felt accepted and liked by any group of strangers, as long as I was drinking.

Unbeknownst to me, the human brain was not designed for that type of repetitive over-stimulation, and the core parts of my brain function were essentially hijacked by alcohol.

I’ll spare you all of the gory details about my drunken spiral. Maybe one day I’ll publish a memoir about all of my deep dark struggles – you may even be able to relate to them. But, I think you should hear about my rise from the ashes. It was certainly a much-needed cathartic experience, an extreme release of tension and anxiety, purging my most harmful beliefs about pity, shame, and fear.

Sober Reflection

You must want (and intend) to be different before you can begin to change yourself. Then you must assume the feeling, as if your future dream is a present fact.

— Neville Goddard

The most influential part of my decision to want recovery was when the amazing people from Soaring Hope offered me their hearts and resources. They scooped me up like a scared little kitten, and protected me during my most vulnerable times. I was lost in every way, and without judgment they led me back to stable ground.

LENS therapy and diligently working the Soaring Hope Recovery program is hands-down life changing. And, I highly recommend it to anyone that has a personal desire to change and begin living a quality life. I finally feel happy, confident, alive, and present. I have a healthy amount of self-respect, and I sincerely feel hopeful about what the future holds. I can now trust myself to calmly and rationally deal with any tough situation that comes my way.

Before these treatments, I felt depressed, helpless, angry and alone, because beer was my only friend. It’s almost like my brain reset itself and returned my core belief that stress and triggers are just small potatoes – that I really don’t need alcohol just to survive. My mind also fine-tuned my heart to remember love, and to show love to the good people out there – the ones that genuinely care about my life and happiness.

I don’t have cravings for beer anymore, mostly because my body’s hunger signal was refreshed and restored.  Without even realizing it, I naturally started craving food again. I now get a proper 8 hours of restful sleep every night, without even thinking about it. I haven’t had a single anxiety attack, and my emotionally driven vertigo is now simply a mild signal for me to take a step back and relax.

This program and treatment is far from instant or magic – I worked hard, and I trusted the process. Now, I can move forward with my life knowing that I’ll never have to deal with the consequences of another black-out, or an episode of alcohol-induced rage, or lonely suicidal thoughts. I’ll never have to suffer any form of punishment for having a brain hijacked by alcohol, ever again. My mind, heart, and spirit are free to soar with hope!

– Support Is Everything –

Meaningful connection is vital in recovery.
Mom, you are the most wonderful, beautiful woman.
Thank you for always understanding and being there for me!

A big thanks to my younger brother, who was supportive in my early days of recovery.

By Native Spirit • August 23, 2019