Our 7 Components of Care

Providing Alternative Therapy and Care on Your Transformative Journey

We provide resources for holistic support of the body, mind, and spirit on a transformative journey to recovery. We specialize in drug-free treatments. Each of the seven components work together to ensure the greatest opportunity for lasting recovery. Our integrated approach allows us to address addiction along with life experiences with trauma, family issues, depression, anxiety, co-dependency, boundaries, and self-esteem. We value an integrated and holistic regime that supports the entire person — body, mind, and spirit.

Brain Neuron
Salmon Dish

Neural-Nutritional Therapy – The brain and gut are intimately connected to the whole person. Successful recovery depends on rebalancing and optimizing the performance of not only the brain, but also the gut, and the messages they send back and fourth. Our program includes cutting-edge LENS Therapy. An innovative, FDA approved, non-invasive, treatment that corrects neurological pathways compromised by physical and emotional trauma. Amino acid therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, and cooking classes all help repair the brain, gut, and the balance between them.

Self Esteem

Mindful Recovery – More than 40% of American adults make a resolution to live a better life each year, and fewer than half keep their promise to themselves for longer than 6 months. Conditioning is hard to break, but the key is that the power to break a habit belongs to the same person who made it – the turnaround amounts to giving up unconscious behavior and adopting conscious new patterns. Lasting recovery is a state of mind. Learning to be at peace with oneself requires practice. Feelings of stress, shame, guilt, regret and other negative emotions often derail the best of intentions. Our program promotes meditation, journaling, art, and aroma therapy to find peace.

Newton's Cradle
Change Sign

Behavior and Motivation Revitalization – With the mind, body and spirit working in harmony, positive behavioral changes occur and allow for sustainable recovery. It is essential to addressing trauma and other past challenging life experiences with EMDR and other interventions. Using a wide range of evidence-based therapy including CBT, DBT, emotionally-forward therapies, CPT, psychodrama, and others keeps clients engaged and interested.

Yoga Man
Vision Quest
Equine Therapy

Spiritual – Experiential Awareness – Spiritual and emotional guidance provide the means for the brain and mind to coalesce. For sustainable recovery to occur, the Whole Person has to be treated — particularly in the context of their environment, the larger world. Work, play and meditation have a purpose here beyond their own ends. And that is to re-train the body and brain to function together — in a sober world. The spirit of Sustainable Recovery is an omnipresent natural aspect of changing a lifestyle. Serenity is virtually everywhere on the land, among the trees and flowers, the winged and four-legged who inhabit the earth. It awaits in long walks, and in vision quests. Facilitate this process through nature experiences, exercise, talking circle, sweat lodge ceremony, equine therapy, yoga, and 12-Step meetings.


Career, Financial, and Legal Regeneration – Addiction is the only physiological disease for which there are criminal penalties. About 80% of the inmates in Colorado jails and penitentiaries are incarcerated either as a direct result of their addictions (e.g. “too many DUIs” or “possession”), or indirectly (e.g. “crimes against property” or “domestic violence”) as an outcome of drinking and drugging. The Paradigm Shift works on the premise that it is essential to treat the causes of SUD and criminal behavior rather than the symptoms. Rebuilding life in recovery takes time, patience and planning. Our program works with each client to examine their career, financial, and legal issues, and develop plans for successes in their recovery.

Healthy Family

Family Systems and Family Therapy – Addiction is a family disease. Whether a client needs to better understand how patterns in their family of origin effected their adult life, and/or are now facing the challenge of reconnecting with their family after years of struggles, we can help. Our program teaches clients how family systems work to shape us, and how to address communication, co-dependency, and boundary setting challenges.

Group Support Women
Optimal Brain
Group Support

Sustainable Lifetime Recovery – Clients return to their lives as healthy individuals in recovery, prepared with unique knowledge and an individualized sustainable health plan. Our program stresses the need to plan. Our clients learn relapse prevention techniques along with plans for success.