Dr. Judith Miller - Soaring Hope Recovery

Judith A. Miller, PhD

Registered Psychotherapist
Mail: jmiller@c2crecovery.com
Phone: (719) 541-4912


Dr. Judith Miller received her doctorate in Human Development and Family Relations and has decades of experience in Family Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with a focus on addiction. Dr. Miller’s last 16 years of post-doctorate education and experience are in the area of neuroscience. As the founder of Soaring Hope Recovery, she is committed to employing scientific methods for addiction rehabilitation and optimal brain function in order to help clients achieve sustainable recovery.

Passionate about sustainable addiction recovery. The program I have founded delivers a state of the science program based on cutting-edge research reports from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. We employ scientific methods for addiction rehabilitation and optimal brain function in order to manage the chronic disease of addiction. Each individual recovery plan integrates time-tested socio-psychological therapies, and cutting-edge neuroscience, based on a “systems” approach to help addicts find sustainable recovery.

Prior to my work in addiction recovery, I was a dedicated family and domestic relations professional with significant experience in family matters. Background includes child and family investigation, participation in family court status conferences with pro se litigants, respondent attorneys, caseworkers, GALS, therapists, families and a track record of success dealing with family court matters in a variety of capacities including facilitator, mediator and Mental Health Specialist. Skills include parenting time evaluation, domestic violence, restraining orders, developing shared-parenting plans, court reporting, facilitating and mediation. Educational background in family relations, child and human development, and community and human resources. Committed to service in family courts.

  • Neuroscience
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition
  • Criminal Justice
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma Model Therapy
  • Native Medicine
  • Spiritual-Experiential
  • Animal Therapy
  • Research / Writing


University of Nebraska - Lincoln

University of Nebraska


Human Development and Family Relations/Community and Human Resources

Colorado State University

Colorado State University


Child Development and Family Studies

Colorado State University

Colorado State University

B.S. – with Distinction

Home Economics Education/Human Development and Family Relations