Our Core Alternative Therapy Approach


In order to achieve a sustainable recovery, underlying issues must be addressed. Our approach is evidence-based dual diagnosis. We specialize in: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, and Family Relationships.


We utilize a wide range of therapies to speak to each client’s head and heart. We help each client understand where their addiction has embedded itself and what it takes to prevent relapse. We believe that in order to build a defense against relapse one needs to prepare their head and heart.


We know that addiction is a disease of the brain and therefore the professionals at Soaring Hope Recovery use the best science available – Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) combined with amino acid therapy to repair the damage and ensure client’s success.

Life Without Addiction is When Living Begins


About Our Recovery Model

We offer resources for Coordinated Alternative Therapy that provides holistic support of the body, mind, and spirit on your transformative journey to recovery. We specialize in drug-free treatments. Our seven components of care model works to ensure the greatest opportunity for lasting recovery. This integrated approach allows the individual to form a complete and sustainable recovery plan.

Address addiction along with life experiences such as trauma, family issues, depression, anxiety, codependency, boundaries, and self-esteem.

7 Components of Care
Boots On The Ground: Neurotherapy for Veterans Combating: PTSD, TBIs, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression & SUD

Boots On The Ground Neurotherapy for Veterans Combatting: PTSD, TBIs, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, & SUD

A neuroscience pilot study involving 25 veterans who have experienced: Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), trauma, anxiety and depression. These conditions and symptoms are actually the underlying causes of addiction, also known as Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

We Can Help You

When one begins to understand that addictive
behavior is truly out of one’s control…
That it is not a result of being
a bad person or too weak…
The guilt and lack of self-esteem disappear…
And the doors swing open with soaring hope.
– Dr. Judith Ann Miller


Veterans receiving LENS Therapy are reporting positive results for traumatic brain injuries, migraines, addiction, anxiety and depression, trauma, PTSD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Seizures, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, and Cerebral Palsy.

Native Medicine

The emerging field of Complementary Integrative Healthcare has evolved from centuries of the tried-and-true healing secrets of the ancient cultures.

Outpatient Services

Intensive Outpatient
DUI Classes and Therapy
Substance Monitoring

Sober Living

A shared cooperative living experience (meal preparation, laundry, and housekeeping) is how our group living setting is defined. Soaring Hope does not employ kitchen or a custodial staff.

Herding CATs: Coordinated Alternative Therapies for TBIs, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and Substance Use Disorder

Given the momentum behind Medical Assisted Therapies, not to mention the support it enjoys among members of the nation’s medical commercial and political elite, addiction may be destined to endure as one of the world’s least understood and mistreated social maladies. Presents research based on five decades of evidence-based science.

Paradigm Shift Contributors

The Paradigm Shift works on the premise that it is essential to treat the causes of Substance Use Disorder and criminal behavior, rather than the symptoms.

The Judge’s Gavel: Winning the Drug War by Empowering Recovery

This publication is a desperate call for reformation of the law to decriminalize brain disorders. TBIs, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Substance Use Disorders are not crimes and should not be charged as such and incarcerated. Each of these disorders are presented with scientific evidence that they are disorders of the brain and care and feeding of the brain is necessary for recovery.

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“Our life is a timeline of choices.
When you expand your awareness,
seemingly random events will be
seen to fit into a larger purpose.”

— Deepak Chopra