Integrating Holistic and Scientific Modalities in Addiction Recovery

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Our core approach


In order to achieve a sustainable recovery, underlying issues must be addressed. Our approach is evidence-based dual diagnosis. We specialize in: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Abuse, and Family Relationships.


We utilize a wide range of therapies to speak to each client’s head and heart. We help each client understand where their addiction has embedded itself and what it takes to prevent relapse. Therapy ranges from CBT to equine, DBT to experiential, psychodrama and conflict resolution. We believe that in order to build a defense against relapse one needs to prepare their head and heart.


We know that addiction is a disease of the brain and therefore the professionals at Soaring Hope Recovery use the best science available – Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) combined with amino acid therapy to repair the damage and ensure client’s success.

Life Without Addiction is When Living Begins
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What we offer


Outpatient Services

Sober Living


“Being part of a small residential group makes it more comfortable to examine demanding family and trauma issues. The residents can support and encourage each other without being lost in a crowd.”

“Soaring Hope succeeded where others failed by recognizing how important family and trauma and the subsequent mental health issues like ptsd, anxiety, and depression are in supporting the disease of addiction.”

“Soaring Hope staff are driven by a shared passion. Every life matters and everyone wanting to recover deserves every proven method made available to them.”

“Optimizing brain performance by using LENS and NeuroScience supplements sets the stage for real improvement.”

“Connecting with nature right outside the front door helps to heal the mind! Blended with trauma-sensitive yoga, meditation, journaling, music therapy, wilderness therapy, and psychodrama the location and nature work together to create mindfulness.”

Program Director

Dr. Judith Miller


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Soaring Hope is a reasonably priced, licensed Residential Addiction Recovery program, with a minimum enrollment period of Four Weeks.